Opsonatus (Latin opsōnātus): marketing

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Integrated Marketing

Web Design

Business Strategy

Opsonatus is a full service marketing agency, with nearly a decade and a half of experience. We are equipped to:

  • Develop and manage brands
  • Hone messaging and narratives
  • Craft integrated marketing strategies and sales funnels to optimize revenue
  • Design beautiful, modern websites
  • Advise best practices to build, grow, and scale your business


Aaron Saltzman is an integrated marketing professional who specializes in innovating strategies for brands and consumers to build meaningful, lasting relationships.

Over nearly a decade and a half, Saltzman has successfully influenced business strategy, integrated marketing, brand management, business development, and web design — working with companies and organizations ranging from small start-ups to large corporations.

Industry experience includes mobile technology and e-commerce, consumer insights, alcoholic beverage, CPG, hospitality, events, political candidate campaigns, issue advocacy, equestrian, and healthcare. Saltzman was a founder of the revolutionary location-based social commerce platform, Slingr, leading the company’s marketing, sales, business development, partnerships, and customer success.

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